TreeView – Free Download

Free Download of TreeView 4.5

Included in the free download is the full, commented source code for all examples that you can
see in the Demos page.

The easiest way to use TreeView is to choose the demo that most closely matches your needs, and
use it as a starting point. If you don't have much experience with JavaScript, make small changes
and test after each change. Before starting, make sure to read the Documentation.
It contains detailed instructions for working with TreeView.

See the License page for information about using the free version
of TreeView.

The only differences between the free version of TreeView and the version you can
purchase are:

  • The free version does not have access to technical support
  • You must display a link to this Web site at the top of the tree (shown here)

That's it! There are no other differences in functionality between the two.

Note that the demos use files on the TreeView Web site for the actual items in the trees. If
you are working in an environment that does not have internet access, make sure to change the
nodes to point to files on your computer.