TreeView – Demos

All code for the demos on this Web site are included in the free download of the TreeView
tree menu.

Note: TreeView uses JavaScript; advanced TreeView features use cookies. To
see all features in these demos, make sure that JavaScript and cookies are enabled for your
browser, firewall, and antivirus software. If you are using Netscape, make sure to enable
cookies not only under "Privacy", but also under "Scripts & Plug ins".


    This demo shows the basic TreeView functionality in a frame-based layout. This demo
    shows several configuration options, including the use of window targets, the use of links
    with folders, and customizing icons. This demo has the highlight option turned off.


    This demo shows the basic TreeView functionality in a frame-less layout. This demos
    shows the same functionality as the previous demo.

Node Highlighting

    A variant of the previous demo that shows the highlighting functionality. Note that
    only nodes that actually load pages can be highlighted. The STARTALLOPEN option is
    also shown.

Large Tree

    TreeView renders large trees quickly. After the page is loaded, see how fast the
    TreeView render engine displays the 1500+ nodes. This demo also shows highlighting for
    the leaf nodes (that is, it highlights the days).

Advanced Controls

    This demo shows the use of JavaScript functions to control a TreeView. It includes
    buttons for expanding all nodes in the tree, collapsing all nodes in the tree, opening a
    specific folder in the tree, and displaying a specific node of the tree. Also, this
    demo shows the other possible use of JavaScript: calling JavaScript functions when someone
    clicks on a node.

Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

    This demo shows a TreeView used to gather checkbox and option button input. This
    is very useful for gathering and displaying web application settings. The additional
    HTML needed for the checkboxes is supplied by the prependHTML method within
    the tree-configuration statements.


    Treeview is a client-side component. You may want to dynamically read the contents
    of the TreeView from a database to always obtain the most up-to-date settings. To do this
    you need server side code to generate the TreeView. The language used in this demo is ASP.
    You can build TreeViews using PHP, Cold fusion, or any other server-side technology. Just
    follow the same generic design as this demo. For code showing TreeView implemented using
    other server-side technologies, see the Resources Web page.