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Treeview JavaScript Applet

Cross-browser DHTML tree

Apps Using TreeView
Web File Browser, which creates trees of directories and files
Favorites Manager, which manages links and bookmarks

User's help page for the Treeview JavaScript tree menu

The Treeview is one of the easiest and fastest site navigation menus. Web pages with the Treeview have two or more separate areas (using tables or frames.) The left area shows a tree of folders and "documents" and is the main navigation index. Its hierarchical structure can hold a very long number of links, while still only showing a small number of them at a time. Clicking on the minus (-) or plus (+) sign will expand or collapse the tree immediately on your browser. Clicking on a link will load a new page on the right pane or on a new window.

Need help using the tree control?

  • On sites with frames, drag the vertical separator to control the space available for the tree.
  • To access more links, click the plus sign (+) or the folder itself. This will open the folder and expose subfolders and "documents" contained inside.
  • Folders, themselves, may be associated with links. For those folders, a click will both expand its contents and load the associated page.
  • To collapse a folder, click the minus (-) sign. This will let you look for other links in other folders without having to scroll up or down.
  • Clicking on the topmost folder will take you back to the entry page.